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Elevation from Diocese to Archdiocese

From the Archdiocese of Miami: “On May 8, 1968, the ecclesiastical Province of Miami was established. The Diocese of Miami was elevated to the rank of archdiocese and two new Florida dioceses were created, Orlando and St. Petersburg. Miami yielded eight counties to the new dioceses. It now consisted of 85 parishes and 10 missions; 164 diocesan priests, 141 religious order clergy, and about 900 women religious served a Catholic population of 400,000.”


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Artificial Intelligence and the Vatican Archives

AI is a powerful too, to be used for either good or bad. This is an example of the good it can bring. Whether we like it or not, Artificial Intelligence will have a major impact on all our lives. Due to this, we need to understand how AI works and we need to understand this on a high level in order to stay current in the Archival profession. Not only do we need to understand how AI works, we also need to consider the impacts and consequences that AI will have.